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Woman in menopause with long grey hair


Menopause is a natural process. While some women hardly notice anything different during this hormonal transition, others experience a significant drop in their quality of life. Menopause can last for 10-15 years (in rare cases even longer). We dedicate special attention to this particular phase in a woman's life. 

A variety of challenges can come with menopause. It often starts with menstrual disorders and mood swings. A decrease in estrogen levels can cause hot flashes and dry mucous membranes. Symptoms such as sleep disturbance, hair loss, weight gain, and a decreased libido are also common. 

It's easier to navigate this phase of life when we are well-informed. At OMVIA, we are happy to support you during this sensitive time. Together, we can evaluate potential therapy approaches, such as various hormone supplements, alternative medicinal/herbal and non-medical methods. 
Out of these diverse treatment approaches, we will pick the right one for you.


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