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curvy, tattooed woman with PCOS

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

PCOS is associated with an imbalance of hormones, often resulting in irregular menstrual cycles. An excess of male hormones can also be associated with PCOS. 
About 10% of women live with PCOS. We offer you expert advice and strive to clearly and accurately explain the hormonal dynamics at play. We are convinced that life with PCOS is easier when one is well-informed about it.


PCOS often goes unrecognized, or is misdiagnosed. Therefore, an exact assessment is our top priority, and this usually includes ultrasound and hormone testing. 

Excess male hormones can lead to increased body hair, acne, or hair loss. An irregular cycle results from impaired maturation of the egg cells and can therefore lead to lower chances of pregnancy. Often, the body also doesn’t react as sensitively to the hormone insulin, which explains why the majority of women with PCOS are struggling with being overweight. 

We understand that PCOS can deeply affect your quality of life and meet you with compassion and genuine interest in your individual situation and concerns. We advise you on various therapy approaches and it’s our goal to improve your current well-being, while setting the stage for good, long-term health.


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